When it comes to the long game, Hay Day has a lot to offer to players who have been around for a long time. Often, you might get curious about what is coming next or you might see something on someone else's farm and wonder what it is.

Although it may take you a while to get the Sanctuary - or maybe you did get it and have more questions than answers with the new place. Well, I am here to help you out, starting from the beginning and working our way to exactly what the Sanctuary is and how you can use this to further your game.

How to unlock the Sanctuary in Hay Day

To get to the Sanctuary, you need to actually get to level 34 on your farm and then repair the train station. Once the train station is repaired, you can access the town. This is a pretty big task in itself - as repairing the station will cost 39,000 coins and take three days (or you can pay 97 diamonds to speed up the process).

Then, getting to the town is easy. Once in the town, you will need to get your reputation up. You will do this by gaining reputation points, from filling orders from town visitors. These visitors can be found in the service buildings they want to visit. You can earn more points per visitor through upgrading service buildings, however, you only need to get to level 3 to unlock the Sanctuary.

The sanctuary - which has the full name of Wildlife Sanctuary, allows players to collect XP through feeding animals in the town. It’s almost the same as feeding pets that are on your farm, however, these animals are exotic and cool. You will need to repair the book stand and have one strip of land currently touching the location of the sanctuary to unlock it. The book stand-alone costs 10,000 coins and takes four hours (or 21 diamonds to speed it up).

What does Hay Day Sanctuary let you do?

Once your sanctuary is built, you will need some animals to go into it! When you repair the book stand, you will randomly unlock one animal. There are five types of animals in total, with each animal coming in two styles. To unlock animals, you will need to collect puzzle pieces, which are displayed and kept in the logbook - hence why you needed to repair the book stand. Each animal puzzle requires 36 pieces to be found and added.

These puzzle pieces can be found in mystery boxes, special events, derbies, or through completing boats that are marked with a puzzle piece. If you find a puzzle piece, it will go directly to the logbook to be displayed. These puzzles do have a sequence to them - the first animal of each type must be unlocked before a puzzle piece is given for the second animal of that type. Baby animals are unlocked after their adult versions are too.

Town visitors will want to see specific animals at the end of their stay at a player’s town - if they get to see the animal they are looking for, they will leave an extra gift next to the book stand. These gifts can be coins, vouchers, supplies or diamonds. You can end up getting a lot of extra XP and gifts if you get your sanctuary up and running quickly.

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