Hay Day has the option to add friends, within the large friends area of the game. The first one you are given is actually an in-game character called Greg. Along with friends, you can also follow farms, see farms that follow you, and continue to make connections with the online community. Having friends that can help you in Hay Day can really pay off, especially if they are active, often putting items out for sale or helping you with tasks that you might need a bit of extra produce for.

While Greg is helpful, it’s actually good to have a bunch of options when it comes to friends - especially ones a bit more advanced than an NPC - and let’s go in why.

In this article, we are going to cover the following questions:

  • What do I get when I add friends to Hay Day?
  • What can I do at my friend's farm on Hay Day? What can my friends do on my farm on Hay Day?
  • How can I add friends on Hay Day?
  • Where do I find my friend code?
  • How do I get a SUPERCELL ID account?

But, whether you read on or not, leave a comment below with your friend code and grab a few pals while you're here - it's a great way to find active users to fill up your Hay Day friend list.

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