In League of Legends: Wild Rift there are several major synergies that can win games. But before I get into that, I need to mention that whenever you think about Wild Rift, you should think about it as a team game. A good team can win any game, and a good team will win any game. 

The main way to determine if a team is good consists mainly of the following parts: 

- They have someone to engage in team fights, either a fighter or a tank who has a skill that can displace enemies.
- They have a source of constant damage in the form of a marksman.
- They have both magic damage and physical damage. 
- They have ways to inflict crowd control effects on the enemy.
- They have champions whose skills work well together.

Thus being said, what I am focusing on today, are some good champion synergies that can really win games, especially in the late game. They could be the best duo lanes, the best jungle + mid, and so on. 

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Below I've listed several really awesome duo compositions, which are not necessarily restricted to the Dragon lane. Keep in mind that there could be like a million more out there, but these are the ones that really stand out the most: 

Jhin + Nami 

This is a great combo for the Dragon lane because Jhin will be able to instantly stun anybody with his Skill 2, as long as they're inside Nami's bubble (Skill 1). This combo will work in any situation, and it's definitely a powerful bot lane composition fit for any kind of matchup. 

Janna + Yasuo

Yasuo can benefit from any kind of knock up crowd control, and there is no better champion for that than fellow tornado-shooter Janna. The best part about this - Janna's tornado has a fairly short cooldown, since it's her Skill 1, so every time Yasuo has Last Breath and Janna lands her Skill 1, he can simply go in.

Yasuo + Malphite

Together with Malphite, Yasuo will most likely end up killing the opponents, since Malphite's ultimate combo deals quite a lot of damage. Of course, Malphite could go for the Flash -> Ultimate, which is going to take all enemies by surprise. 

Yasuo + Gragas

This one is slightly more difficult to pull off because Gragas has to land a perfect ultimate in order for Yasuo to actually ultimate a lot of people. But in essence, it's similar to the previous 2 I mentioned before.

Orianna + any engage (Lee Sin, Malphite, Jax, etc)

The main technique behind this combo is Orianna's ball - that's it. Orianna has to place her ball on any champion that is about to go in, and when they do, she can activate her ultimate to quickly displace all opponents in range.

Sona + Ashe

This bot lane duo works great, especially if Sona uses her Skill 3 to boost Ashe's speed and catch enemies that try to escape. Also, their ultimate make for an amazing stun combo that can last for too long (about 4-5 seconds), which is more than enough time to kill anybody. 

Sona + Miss Fortune

The Sona MF combo works by having Miss Fortune ultimate right after Sona and hit all enemies stunned by Sona's ult. It's also a great lane bully composition because both Miss and Sona can poke enemies with their skills. 

Ashe + Miss Fortune

Although they're both marksmen, they could lane together if one of them acts as the "support". Their ultimate skills combo similarly to how Sona and Miss Fortune's ultimates do, except Ashe can surprise enemies with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow all the way from across the map, whereas Sona has to be in range. 

Nami + Draven 

This is a lane composition that will massively boost Draven's damage (as if it wasn't high enough with just an item, amirite?). It will work by having Nami's Skill 3 boost Draven's speed and three of his auto-attacks, time in which she can use her Skill 2 to further boost his speed and heal him when needed. 

Lux + Jhin

Lux and Jhin have similar skills, except that Lux will root two people, whereas Jhin only one. But, if both of them use their roots and damage the rooted opponent, chances are the enemies who got rooted will not be able to stay alive for too long. 

Lux + Ashe 

Ashe and Lux can really destroy any opponent by just poking them down. They are quite an oppressive lane opponent because their range is extremely high, and that means they can stay safe while doing all that damage. Also, their ultimates can do great together, since Lux will deal crazy amounts of damage too. 

Lux + Miss Fortune

This combo is eerily similar to Sona + Miss Fortune, except it can work anytime that Lux lands her Skill 1. 

Graves + Janna

Although this combo is not that big of a deal because it's not that flashy and obvious as the others in this list are, in the late game Janna can boost Graves to such an extent that he will be able to 1v5 (or rather 2v5) the entire enemy team. Since Graves has pretty good sustain on his own, with the boosts that he receives from Janna he will become a killing machine. 

Annie + Jinx / Jhin / Miss Fortune

Annie is a great overall support since she has damage, crowd control, and a shield. She is often overlooked in favor of other, flashier supports, but she is indeed very strong especially if she lands a crucial stun. 

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