Wonderbelly Games has released another free content update for its dungeon crawler roguelike, Roundguard, available now on Apple Arcade. The update is dubbed the Gift Giver Update and it adds new NPCs, trinkets, a festive winter event, and more.

New characters have been added to Roundguard’s dungeon. There’s the Big Freeze, an ice cold frost giant who hits like an avalance, and the Projectionist, a moody dark elf who wants to explore your emotions. Finally, there’s the eponymous Gift Giver, who rewards players with treasure from his impeccably wrapped gifts should they prove themselves worthy by completing quests.

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In addition to this new content which is available all year round, Roundguard is also hosting a special in-game event from 20th December to 2nd January. Here, the dungeon will be covered in snow and its residents will be dressed for the weather, meaning ugly Christmas jumpers and woollen hats are a guarantee.

The event will also yield two weeks of unique daily challenges using a new snowballing winter rule, where all pots are turned into snowballs that stick to your hero. There will also be Icy Winds, which blast through the level and blow you around.

“This last year has been hard, but it feels good to put a little more fun out there to thank everyone for the kindness and generosity they’ve shared with us,” said Andrea Roberts from Wonderbelly Games. “We’re looking forward to a fresh new year with new things to share.”

The Gift Giver update is the third free content update released this year for Roundguard, and with a new playable hero on the horizon it’s set for an even bigger year in 2021. You can download it now from the iOS App Store via Apple Arcade, a premium subscription service which costs £4.99 a month.

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