2020 has been another excellent year for mobile games. In fact, there's almost been an overload of games to play this year to the point where I've not managed to get around to all of them yet. I'm still trying to find some time to squeeze in a bit of League of Legends: Wild Rift, for instance.

The strength of the year is also reflected in our 'Top 5' lists here at Pocket Gamer. Everyone has included different games for the most part, with only a few titles cropping up on multiple lists. Undoubtedly there was an excellent game for everyone then and let's hope that continues in 2021

So here are my picks for the best mobile games of 2020, in no particular order.


Sometimes, if you boil a game down to its basic premise it can be tough to accept it's actually good. Swordshot is one of those. All you do is tap the screen to try and shoot a floating object a couple of times to kill it.

But it's that simplicity that makes Swordshot such a joy to play in short bursts. It's essentially a game that tests your reactions and nothing else. Timing your limited shots so they'll bypass the enemy's defences is all you have to do but it quickly becomes very addictive.

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This is in part helped by the game's stellar presentation. This is undoubtedly a hyper-casual game but it sports a lovely retro aesthetic and absolutely nails visual feedback too. The screen appropriately shakes when you land a shot, making your successful attempts infinitely more satisfying.