The Final Fantasy franchise is big — not just in terms of popularity, but in the sheer number of games. Since the very first instalment was launched in 1987, they’ve spanned every platform under the rising sun. That’s without mentioning all the media spin-offs, from films to anime series to novels. One of the best things about a franchise of that scale is the opportunity for overlap between the old and the new; worlds colliding, lores expanding, chocobos where there weren’t chocobos, and past characters making unexpected appearances…

Released globally on Android and iOS this year, War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is set on the world of Lapis. As its title prefix suggests, times aren’t too peaceful here. Various kingdoms are locked in a battle for supremacy, fought using the power of Visions — the ‘spirits’ of various warriors — that have been captured in magic crystals. These summonable versions of warriors don’t just originate from Lapis, but also from distant worlds, including Blue Planet, the setting for Final Fantasy IV.

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That brings us neatly to this new crossover event. From 18 November to 15 December, War of the Visions players can participate in time-limited quests and events themed around Final Fantasy IV, earn special bonuses, and collect fan-favourite characters. Simply by logging in during the campaign, you’ll receive Cecil Harvey, Final Fantasy IV’s protagonist. He’s lost none of his paladin prowess since his first appearance back in 1991; in War of the Visions, he is capable of a limit burst attack called ‘Sacred Rage’, dealing heavy damage with a chance to stun. You can upgrade him further by completing the ‘Cecil Release Celebration Training Challenge Missions’, available until the end of the event period.

In Final Fantasy IV, our long-locked knight Cecil wasn’t adventuring alone. He was joined by his close childhood friends, Kain Highwind and Rosa Farrell. Both Kain and Rosa are available as UR-tier summonable units from 25 November. Kain, traditionally a dragoon knight, can perform the limit burst attack ‘Dragon’s Bane’, dealing damage to all targets within range with the chance to cause slow. A white mage, Rosa’s limit burst attack is ‘Miracle of Two Moons’, which recovers all her allies’ attack points as well as plenty of HP for allies within range.

Demon Wall has been a recurring enemy and Esper throughout the Final Fantasy series, including in IV. From 25 November, you’ll have the chance to summon Demon Wall as a Vision Card in War of the Visions. Equip it to Cecil, Rosa or Kain, and you’ll enjoy a bonus to its attack. Demon Wall also appears as a boss in the special event quests, as does Golbez, the be-caped ‘Man in Black’ himself. These quests feature nostalgic maps and music inspired by Final Fantasy IV. Be sure to complete the Event Ex-Quest if you want to obtain the recipe to craft MR-tier Holy Knight’s Shoulder Plate armour.

Along with quests, there are new daily missions affording players visiore, NRG restores and more. You can also expect the usual log-in bonuses to tempt you; dip into the game daily across the event period and you’ll pick up 5,000 visiore, 10 million gil and extra-large EXP cubes to help boost your progress and enhance your characters. Plus, the producer of War of the Visions’ global version, Hiroki Fujimoto, is giving everybody a free 10x summon daily, for 15 days — that’s up to 150 chances of summoning your most pined-for characters, on the house.

As if that wasn’t enough, the game’s Black Friday campaign also kicks off on 25 November, giving you an extra log-in bonus, 10% returns on visiore used for summoning, and discounted item packs and visiore from the in-game shop. Christmas has definitely come early for Final Fantasy fans.

You can download the latest version of War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius for free from Google Play, App Store, and the Amazon Appstore.

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