Tomb Toad, the inventive dungeon crawler made by indie game developer David Donze, is releasing this week on Wednesday for iOS and Android.

In it, you delve into dark dungeons, fight fearsome foes and ponder perilous puzzles in a topsy-turvy adventure where you rotate the world to manipulate gravity and continue exploring. Tomb Toad features over a hundred levels, each one filled with treasure, traps, puzzles and monsters, and if that’s not enough you can also enter the level editor and try your hand and designing your own dungeons.

As you can see from the images and the trailer below, the graphics feature retro-inspired pixel art visuals and a chip tune soundtrack. The video is worth a watch as it showcases a lot of the fancy effects that feels synonymous with older retro adventure games, as well as some of the world-twisting mechanics that gives it a unique identity.

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We covered Tomb Toad last December where we first got a glance at the game’s environment manipulating mechanics and it’s been on our minds ever since. Last week, Stephen actually wrote that it was coming out soon too but I felt that it was necessary to remind everyone again that this exists.

You can still pre-order Tomb Toad on the iOS App Store, but the Google Play for Android store page hasn’t gone up yet. It’s a premium title that will cost $2.99, but there's currently a 25% off pre-order bonus so you might want to jump on that deal if you're at all interested in the title.

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