Vampire Capitalist is an upcoming simulation game from developer Raincrow Studios. It's currently available for Android in Early Access whilst it's expected to release for iOS later this year. The game itself sees you working as a drudge, with the aim of becoming as rich as possible whilst keeping your vampire overlord happy.

At its core, Vampire Capitalist is a mobile empire-building game that's played on a real-world map. You'll look to manage the money of a master vampire to make yourself a fortune. You can become the boss of your own city or even the world, so long as you manage to hold onto your sanity – keeping a vampire happy isn't easy.

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To do so you'll need to provide your boss with Blood Bags, which are basically people for the vampire to feast upon. Vampires tire of feeding in the same places, however, so it'll be essential to expand your empire to find new places.

Beyond that, you'll need to upgrade their Lair, which will start off at a location near you, before eventually purchasing others across the world. Each vampire will have their own place of origin and they'll want soil from that place too, so you'll need to spend money to have it shipped in. You'll also need to buy them pretty things to keep them happy enough to free up your time to work on building your empire and avoid your stress levels getting too high.

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To do that you'll look to expand your Trade Area across the globe. Doing so will allow you to invest in different areas where you can receive Blood Bags or Cash as a reward, with a good balance presumably being a sensible idea. Your lair will directly influence the investment opportunities available to you too, with a Victorian Mansion giving you a choice of 500 locations whilst a ruined mausoleum will offer you a mere 50.

Vampire Capitalist is available now over on Google Play in Early Access and will be heading to the App Store eventually too. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. If you're interested in learning more about the game, check out the official website

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