The Captain is Dead for iOS & Android is a promising mobile game adaptation of the popular board game of the same name. The idea is that you'll take immediate command of a team of intrepid space explorers following the untimely death of their ship's captain.

Literally everything that could go wrong has, and to make matters worse, there's now some strange alien menace hunting the remaining crew. Your goal is simple: make sure your ship remains operational and keep as many of your crewmates alive as possible. Wait, that's not simple at all!

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We're very excited to bring you an exclusive teaser trailer today that showcases The Captain is Dead's wonderful presentation and personality on mobile. And who’s that doing the narration? Why it's only The Stanley Parable's Kevan Brighting, of course. The 80s stylings, fun sense of humour, and glorious narration come together to make for quite the excellent teaser trailer. Check it out above.

Now that you've given it a watch, I'm sure you'll have a better sense of the game's escalating action and off-kilter aesthetic. It sounds like a fairly stressful – though still very fun – time. The original board game required a certain calmness under immense pressure, as well as plenty of player experimentation and strategic thinking.

Your crew is also very well-equipped for the task at hand, with each boasting their own unique abilities that should help to stave off any unwelcome visitors and keep the ship in tip-top condition.

Those looking to try the game ahead of launch need only visit developer Thunderbox's official site and sign up to be a beta tester. And why not join the game's community Discord server while you're at it? The Captain is Dead is currently in development for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

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