Auto-Battle Chess is an auto-chess battler (phew) with a particularly catchy, if direct, name. While the name is sure to send pangs of familiarity due to its genre-stating style, it also might be familiar because it was listed for pre-registration not too long ago for Android platforms.

Now, quite a bit of thought has gone into ABC, as you'll see in the exclusive trailer below, as a matter of fact, to cite the developers, it's a fusion of elements from "RPG, strategy, turn-based strategy, MOBA, Auto Chess, Idle RPG, CCG, MMO and AFK" games. Understandably, then, there's actually quite a lot to balance in every match - far more than some of the more sit-and-wait Auto Chess games we have seen released over the last while.

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It contains over 100 characters stacks of hero combinations and lots of crafting and enhancement options to make your team completely unique. That'll be handy because ABC is based around five-minute PVP battles - although other modes like Battle Royale, Guild Wars and a campaign mode are present too.

We've played a little bit of it ahead of release, and perhaps the most understated element of the game is that there is a degree of hero merging going on during the preparation of each match. For instance, you can combine lower levelled instances of characters to bump up the power of the hero in the next round. It's incredibly well done, with the same in-game resource used to deploy your heroes also used to reroll from your selection. While you're doing this your total strength is displayed at the top near your opponents, giving you a target to try to build your army up to beat (although strategy definitely still plays into it).

Auto-Battle Chess will be available to download for free when it launches on iOS and Android in August. We'll be sure to keep you up to date on it as we get more information.

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