What the Golf? was one of the Apple Arcade's earlier entries and it quickly became one of the service's most successful games and now it has big new update. A parody game, WTG? was developed by folks who admit that they know nothing about golf whatsoever. And so, the wackiest "golf" game ever made was born.

And although it is a game that is meant for people who don't like golf, it's one of my favorite games on mobile and I love the sport of golf so it caters to many gamers. You play through a massive amount of holes that operate like fun, random mini-games.

It's so outlandish sometimes that it's hard to explain but the goal is normally the same and that's to get something from point A to point B like with regular golf in some ways. You never hit a golf ball in the game really. You'll find yourself teeing off with all sorts of things like food, vehicles, and even fully structured houses. The game is wild, but you should get a good kick out of it. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the experience.