Little Orpheus, the fresh new Apple Arcade game is a side-scrolling adventure that is quite unique in the mobile gaming world. It essentially plays a bit like a fusion of a movie and video game. You'll learn more about the story while you explore an amazing world.

This plays like a classic platformer of sorts, but with plenty of dialogue while you play through. You explore some gorgeous lands that are unimaginable. Ranging from lush green jungles with dinosaurs, like the Land That Time Forgot, through to the depths of a subterranean ocean and beyond.

You take on the role of Ivan Ivanovich, a Soviet Comrade who lost the bomb that powers his exploration capsule, the Little Orpheus. Being debriefed by General Yokovoi, Ivanovich tells his tale, and thus, our journey begins through the magical centre of the Earth. Here are a few things to take note of and enjoy when going on this breathtaking adventure.

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