Animal Crossing: New Horizons has just received its July update, and it's a biggie. Not only has this update generously added swimming and diving, but a whole host of new sea creatures to find and collect in addition to everything else.

If you're like me and can't resist hunting down critters and taking them all to Blathers, then this is the update you've been waiting for. All you need to do is don your swimming costume, and head down to the beach.

If you need more information on what you need to do once you get to the beach, we have a guide for that, but many of you will just need to know what's available, and when, and this is where our guide of all the sea creatures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes in.

Here you will find every single sea creature listed, with the most up-to-date information we have. There are so many sea creatures that we haven't been able to find them all ourselves, and so this guide was created with some information from the Animal Crossing Fandom. This list will be updated to have all of the gaps filled soon, so keep checking back if you need to know something specific!

Name Price Time Months: North Hem/South Hem
 Seaweed 600  All  Oct-Jul / Apr-Jan
 Sea Grapes 900  All  Jun-Sep / Dec-Mar
 Sea cucumber 500  All  Nov-Apr / May-Oct
 Sea Pig 10000 4pm-9am  Nov-Feb /  May-Aug
 Sea Star 500  All  All / All 
 Sea urchin 1700  All  May-Sep /  Nov-Mar
 Slate pencil urchin 2000  4pm-9am  May-Sep /  Nov-Mar
 Sea anemone 600  All  All / All 
 Moon jellyfish 600  All  Jul-Sep /  Jan-Mar
 Sea slug 600  All  All / All 
 Pearl oyster 2800  All  All / All 
 Mussel 1500  All  Jun-Dec /  Dec-Jun
 Oyster 1100 All  Sep-Feb /  Mar-Aug
 Scallop 1200  All  All / All 
 Whelk 1000  All  All / All 
 Turban shell 1000 All  Mar-May + Sep-Dec /  Mar-Jun + Sep-Nov
 Abalone 2000  4pm-9am  Jun-Jan /  Dec-Jul
 Gigas Giant 15000  All  May-Sep /  Nov-Mar
 Chambered nautilus 1800 4pm-9am  Mar-Jun + Sep-Nov /  Mar-May + Sep-Dec
 Octopus 1200  All  All / All 
 Umbrella octopus 6000 All Mar-May + Sep-Nov /
 Vampire squid 10000  4pm-9am  May-Aug / Nov-Feb
 Firefly squid 1400 9pm-4am   Mar-Jun / Sep-Dec
 Gazami crab 2200  All  Jun-Nov /  Dec-May
 Dungeoness crab 1900 All Nov-May / May-Sep
 Snow crab 6000 All Nov-Apr / May-Oct
 Red king crab 8000 All Nov-Mar /  May-Sep
 Acorn barnacle 600  All  All / All 
 Spider crab 12000 4pm-9am  Mar-Apr /  Sep-Oct
 Tiger prawn 3000  4pm-9am  Jun-Sep /  Dec-Mar
 Sweet shrimp 1400 4pm-9am Sep-Feb / Mar-Aug
 Mantis shrimp 2500  4pm-9am  All / All 
 Spiny lobster 5000 9pm-4am Oct-Dec /  Apr-Jun
 Lobster 45000 All  Dec-Jan + Apr-Jun / Jun-Jul + Oct-Dec
 Giant isopod 12000  9am-4pm + 9pm-4am  Jul-Oct / Jul-Oct
 Horseshoe crab 2500  9pm-4am  Jul-Sep /  Jan-Mar
 Sea pineapple 1500  All  Apr-Aug /  Oct-Feb
 Spotted garden eel 1100  4am-9pm  May-Oct /  Nov-Apr
 Flatworm 700 4pm-9am Aug-Sep /  Feb-Mar
 Venus flower basket 5000  All  Oct-Feb / Apr-Aug

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