Super Mega Mini Party is pretty much what you think it is. A big party game featuring a ton of small games to play. This Apple Arcade exclusive brings back vibes of the golden era of party games. In particular, though, it channels the evergreen Mario Party series, and you know how much fun that can be.

This game is certainly distinctive, as you're able to explore a wide open-world when you're not playing games. In order to start playing, you need to either set up a party with a group of players, or you can take on players in one on one duels to see who comes out on top.

You can choose between six different wacky characters for when you do get into the games, and you can freely switch between any of the characters at any time. The amount of mini-games you can play is impressive and the majority of them are a lot of fun. If this was to be declared as a mobile Mario Party, then it would be for a very good reason. Here are some tips for when you enter the party.