My Talking Tom Friends was always sure to be one of 2020's most popular mobile games, and yet it has still managed to surpass all expectations by amassing over 7 million pre-registrations in just six days. This is a new all-time record for developer Outfit7.

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For the first time ever, you can care for and customise all six lovable characters in the one game. It's therefore no surprise that it's said to be the most advanced title in the virtual pet genre to date, offering a sandbox approach that allows players of all kinds to have fun however they wish.

Beyond caring for your new friends and tinkering with the extensive customisation options, there are also plenty of tricky mini-games to test your skills on. It certainly seems like there will be a little something for all ages and types of player, from casual gamers to those looking for a more involved virtual pet experience.

With hype already at a fever pitch, it's a very good thing indeed that fans of the series don't have too much longer to wait, as My Talking Tom Friends is set to launch globally on June 12th for Android and iOS. You can pre-register to play right now over on Google Play.