Ah, Skullgirls. It's a game I'm sure you've seen around quite a bit. It's been on consoles all over, and has become quite a popular mobile game. It's a unique take on the fighting games of old. Think of games like Street Fighter or Tekken, but maybe more cartoonish. 

On top of this, the vast majority of the fighters are women, each with their own unique abilities and distinct looks. There a couple of male fighters but 90% of them are ladies. Some of them look somewhat normal while others could be totally wacky. There's not a single dull character in the game.

The game is a good old fashioned button masher experience set in a classical 1930s style world. With the way the fighters dress, the arenas, and the music, you can a nice taste of nostalgia. You can hit, block, and use abilities in the battle to gain the upper hand. However, you won't be unstoppable out there, so here are some basic things to remember on your hard-hitting journey. 

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