Alter: Between Two Worlds, a promising adventure-puzzler, sees you venturing out on a soul-searching journey through a lost desert temple that seemingly holds some mysterious power.

It's the latest from indie publisher Crescent Moon and first-time mobile developer Fivestones Games, and it's heading to iOS on May 27th.

You'll guide protagonist Ana through an array of diverse, fantastical levels, collecting atoms and solving increasingly complex puzzles as you go. Its tale is one of grief, recovery, and eventual happiness, and it's all told through impressive hand-drawn art.

The puzzles here revolve around switching between two distinct worlds, hence the game's subtitle. You'll have to manipulate elements of every level including platforms, blocks, and switches in order to succeed and ultimately progress on to the next area.

Controls are said to be simple and intuitive, requiring you to simply move around and push the occasional object. That said, the game seemingly does a great deal with this basic setup, and soon you'll be thrust into some mind-bending conundrums.

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Crescent Moon consistently puts out interesting, enjoyable, premium mobile games. Some of my recent favourites include Echoes of Aeons and Legend of the Skyfish 2. In the past, it's also published the likes of Morphite and Subdivision Infinity.

Alter: Between Two Worlds is now available for pre-order from over on the App Store as a premium title priced at $2.99. Its official site also mentions an Android version, though its release is likely to follow.

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