Fowlst, Super Fowlst, and Dadish developer CatCup Games (aka Tom Young) is set to launch his latest, Super Fowlst 2, at the end of the month. It's a violent, tongue-in-cheek action game that looks to build upon the solid foundations laid by its popular predecessors.

Once again, you're cast as an especially deadly chicken who has somehow developed the ability to jump, dodge, and crush its enemies with violent delight. The procedurally generated levels this time around are said to be larger and more interesting than ever before; also, the explosions are bigger.

Among the enemies you'll face throughout your adventure are spiky demons, spinning demons, flatulent demons, and even some "big ol' snakes". Thankfully, you'll have a chicken-shaped mech at your disposal to utterly obliterate your foes.

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At launch, you can expect to face off against five towering bosses, with more set to be added at a later date. Boosting the game's sense of progression are the many unlockable characters that you'll collect along the way. It'll also offer controller support from the get-go, which is much appreciated.

The original Super Fowlst, which itself was a sequel to Fowlst, was our game of the day back in May of last year. Harry praised its fresh exploration elements and called it "an intriguing and exhilarating slosh of elements that somehow manages to work."

Super Fowlst 2 is currently set to launch for iOS and Android on May 26th. It'll be a free-to-play title with IAPs, and here's a handy link to the game's App Store page. Plus, be sure to check out the excellent Dadish if you can. It's very funny, has a great personality, and is totally free. Links: App Store, Google Play

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