Updated: 26/03/2021. Original post 28/04/2020 by Dave Aubrey. They changed the game name after we wrote this, so we've updated it.

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run is a brand new Crash Bandicoot experience from legendary mobile developer King, of Candy Crush fame. They've clearly pulled out all the stops on this game, and this is, both in terms of visuals and gameplay, a world away from the likes of Candy Crush and other match-3 puzzlers.

Crash Bandicoot is such a beloved gaming character that anything but a premier mobile adaptation would be a shame. Simply a shame. And while an auto-runner is hardly the most inventive use of the license, it does fit the brand incredibly well, and this game looks really good.


Crash Bandicoot: On the Run tips

Did Crash Bandicoot: On The Run meet the expectations?

This game looks good, with levels that evoke the designs of the original PlayStation game. It has some F2P mobile mechanics, as you might expect, but it's incredibly easy to ignore those frustrations in the early game. Things only get complicated after you've made a decent amount of progress…

But that's exactly why you're here, right? In this guide, we're going to run through some of the tips that Crash Bandicoot: On The Run doesn't outright tell you, so you can make progress fast.

As we said in the intro, we covered this game over a year before it came out - because it was available in Soft Launch for more great games you can play ahead of launch, check out our list of Soft Launch games.

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