Bleak Sword is a challenging dark fantasy RPG that takes place in a pixelated world where danger is everywhere. It's a fantastic offering that's on the Apple Arcade and is certainly a thrill for hack and slash fans. Your goal is to lift the curse of the Bleak Sword and in order to do that, you need to traverse several different environments, each with their own unique enemies

The concept is basic in that it's a level-to-level with several different areas. As soon as you hope into the diorama-like world, you will be attacked by enemies and it's your job to fend them off. It's a fast-paced experience with great music and satisfying combat.

But any time you have a Dark Souls kind of game like Bleak Sword, you know there will be hurdles you'll have to jump at points. And so, to help you get through this fun, but increasingly challenging game, we'll give you some tips to give you feeling confident. Luckily, there are a couple of difficulties to choose from so it doesn't have to be super hard but here are some things you should know for your journey.