It's a new month, and we're ready to hunt down some eggs. Almost everything you do in the first couple of weeks of April in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will reward you, or curse you, with coloured eggs, left around the island by Zipper, the slightly threatening Five Nights at Freddy's escapee.

There are loads of brand new furniture pieces to craft, and they all take the new, unique egg crafting materials that you'll find around the island. If you get frustrated by finding these instead of the normal materials you actually want after a couple of days, I wouldn't be surprised.

The event starts today, April 1st, and lasts until the 12th, at which point it'll all be gone, so stock up on eggs and DIY recipes before that happens.

Since April is here, it also means a load of brand new fish and insects will be found on your island. To find all of the new creatures, take a look at our list here.

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