Snake Core, the latest arcade shooter from OrangePixel, is now available for iOS, with the Android version set to release later. OrangePixel has a storied history of making fun games such as Space Grunts, so hopefully, this game can deliver too.

Snake Core is an arcade game that looks to fuse together elements of the classic game Snake with an arcade shooter of sorts. Instead of eating little bits of food and growing progressively longer you'll be rescuing soldiers who will then join your ever-growing conga line.

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Once they start marching around the different stages you'll use them to kill aliens, defuse bombs and defend important locations. Each of the soldiers can also be improved with power-ups and upgraded to bring more health or better firepower into battle.

There will be a variety of game modes to play with each possessing a little twist on the formula to keep things interesting. Each level will be selected through a node-based mission screen, so it'll be your choice which stages you'll tackle as you make your way towards to Alien Overlord you've been tasked with taking out.

It sounds like good fun to me and you can check out some of the action in the trailer above. As you can see, you'll also need to remember the classic rules of Snake by avoiding walls otherwise it'll be a swift end for your army. Apparently they'll follow their commanders lead a little too literally.

OrangePixel has also included several different options for how to play Snake Core too, which is always great to see. The game can be played in either portrait or landscape, depending on your preference, whilst there are numerous control-schemes to choose from.

Snake Core is available now on the App Store whilst it's available to pre-register on Google Play. It's a premium title that costs $2.99.

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