Shadowgun War Games is finally available to download and play, and it's great. It truly is one of the best multiplayer shooters on mobile, and certainly the best since the critically acclaimed Call of Duty: Mobile.

It's early days for Shadowgun War Games yet, but there is already an interesting cast of characters, loot to collect, two game modes, and hours of fun to be had. This is fast-paced, fun, and far too easy to sink dozens of hours into.

In this guide we're going to walk you through how to play Shadowgun War Games' Capture The Flag mode. We assume you know the basics - steal the enemy flag, get it back to your own - so we'll skip over the obvious stuff, and give you the Shadowgun-specific knowledge you need.

Just read through our tips below, and you'll quickly become just as experienced as the pros and will mop up some CTF games on Shadowgun War Games.

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