Pachoink! is an interesting Pachinko-like hybrid that sees you attempting to break blocks on each of its many stages in record time. You'll do this by launching a small ball into the level/machine, though it's far more complicated than you might expect.

Sure, the only control you have is deciding the strength behind firing the ball, but you'll also need to take every individual element of the level and block placement into consideration – thoughtlessly firing dozens of balls is a recipe for disaster.

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There are switches that unlock different lanes, bounce pads to reach awkward areas, teleports to create endless loops, and spinning platforms to ruin your day. Blocks initially only need to be hit once to be destroyed, but that doesn't remain the case for long. Soon you'll have to make use of everything in the level to clear the board and earn those gold rankings.

In the version I've been playing, there are just over 50 levels to work your way through. The different boards boast distinct themes and music, and it's all just very well presented. It's also a premium title, meaning all future content will be free and there are no ads or IAPs to distract you.

I've been having a surprisingly decent time with it so far, thanks in large part to it sidestepping the free-to-play model that could easily have become a huge hinderance in this specific case. It's not here to squeeze money out of Pachinko fans or gamblers, which I appreciate.

A To Play mines a surprising amount of challenge from what is a straightforward control scheme and premise. If you're interested in giving Pachoink! a go, you'll find it available for pre-order now from both the App Store and Google Play. It's priced at $2.99 or your regional equivalent.

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