If you’re a fan of fun arcade brawlers, Philippines-based studio ThinkBIT has a treat for you. Brawl Quest is a brand new beat-‘em-up game for iOS and Android that boasts cute visuals and fighters as quirky as the enemies they’re trading knuckle sandwiches with.

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Brawl Quest hurls you fist-first into the Metro’s mean streets. Some dodgy crime bosses and their henchmen have been wreaking havoc, so Alice and Luwan have vowed to restore peace to the city. That means Luwan slogging through waves of bad guys in all sorts of shady locations, as well as recruiting new playable fighters to the cause — and some furry friends, too.

The game is in the vein of retro arcade brawlers, but generally avoids being a homage to (or rip-off of) genre classics such as Streets of Rage and Double Dragon. This is especially true of the visuals, which swap the faux 16-bit pixel aesthetic for a chunky, crisp and cartoony style. Attack animations are detailed and fun to watch, with every fighter having a mix of unique moves including flashy charged and burst attacks.

There are more than 50 stages for you to brawl through — including boss battles — and different difficulty levels for that optional challenge. The gold coins you bash out of baddies can be spent on levelling up your fighters, and there are even pets to adopt for handy stat boosts.

Brawl Quest has already picked up awards ahead of its release, from first place at the Big Indie Pitch GSTAR 2019 to ‘best sound and music’ at the GameOn Awards 2019. Find out what the fuss is about and get brawling; Brawl Quest is available for free from the Google Play Store.