Pascal's Wager is the latest Soulslike to hit mobile of, um, very few, actually. Sure, we've had a fair few 2D Soulslike games, basically, just difficult Metroidvania games, but the larger 3D games rarely come to handheld devices. Which is exactly why we're happy to see Pascal's Wager, in all it's gory glory.

And with any Soulslike game come some steep challenges, especially if you're not ready to take on the challenges which lay ahead. But that's why you've come to Pocket Gamer, isn't it? For the tips and tricks you desire before downloading and ploughing ahead without the information you need. A wise choice and that's why we're going to sum up what you need to know in order to quickly become an expert in Pascal's Wager.

Pascal's Wager has high expectations for its players, but with these tips, you'll quickly move through the early sections of the game in complete confidence.

Just read through our list below for everything you need to know to start Pascal's Wager.

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