MOBAs are very much in vogue at the moment on mobile. Later this month we'll see Marvel Super War launch in multiple regions and next year we'll see League of Legends: Wild Rifts come to mobile devices. Apparently, Marvel isn't enough for NetEase though, who have announced another MOBA called Extraordinary Ones that is aiming for a global launch in early 2020.

It will be available on both iOS and Android when it eventually releases and you can pre-register on Google Play right now. The USP for Extraordinary Ones seems to be the 36 characters that will be available at launch are designed to be as over-the-top as possible.

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According to NetEase they're all based on oriental mythology mixed with modern colleges, anime and memes. So, that certainly fits the bill for over-the-top as far as I'm concerned. The battlefield will be a high school campus, of course.

Beyond that, it all seems to be pretty standard MOBA fare. You'll face off in 5v5 battles with the long-term aim being to destroy your opponent's towers and ultimately their base. However, there is also teleporter players can use to launch stealthy attacks on their opponents, which is a little different to most MOBAs where that power would normally be a characters ability rather than something anyone can do.

There does appear to be a little more RNG involved in the items you can get too. These give your characters random attribute buffs when used and they can also have unexpected effects. For instance, you may give your opponent a curse which lowers their movement speed or regain some health for yourself.

Extraordinary Ones is available now for pre-register on Google Play but not the App Store, though that should be coming soon. There's no official word on price yet but as it's NetEase, it's safe to assume it'll be free-to-play with in-app purchases.

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