Dark Prison: Last Soul Rescue was released last month on Android and now the iOS version is finally available. If you've not heard of it before it's an action-RPG that has shades of souls-like combat in it, but with a more quirky tone that's reminiscent of Let It Die.

The game was originally expected to launch on iOS devices on 14th December but the Android version launched with a fair amount of bugs so it's likely they've been focusing on those so had to push the iOS launch back.

Aside from several bug fixes, the Android version of Dark Prison has also seen several new features added to the game that introduced various PVP modes. Though if that's not your thing there's also plenty of single-player content on offer.

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In the single-player mode you'll be wading your way through some post-apocalyptic prison in an attempt to rescue your kidnapped daughter. Along the way you'll encounter battle your way past various enemies, take on bosses looting for new weapon and gear as you go. You'll also find other prisoners throughout your journey who won't be immediately hostile as soon as you walk into the vicinity. Long term this can earn yourself more resources that can be spent to improve your character.

As with the launch of the Android version, the game will launch with both PS4 and Xbox One controller support, which is probably the preferred way to play this game. Touch screen controls can be overly finicky when it comes to games as frantic as this.

Dark Prison: Last Soul Rescue is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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