Developer Playcrab and Ubisoft's Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos has finally arrived for iOS and Android. It's of course set in the high-fantasy universe of Heroes of Might & Magic, and gameplay-wise it aims to be a layered strategy experience specifically designed for mobile devices.

The basic hook is being able to build a powerful army of iconic Might & Magic characters. There are currently nine modes in total to try out, and the combat is said to demand careful analysis of the battlefield. You'll organise your units and place them in tactically advantageous positions around the map prior to everything kicking off.

Every hero and unit type belongs to a specific faction. Some of these include the faction of demons or Necropolis, the faction of the Undead, and the faction of humankind. One of the game's many challenges stems from learning and understanding what each faction excels at in terms of abilities.

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The main single-player offering sees you marching to war alongside Queen Catherine Ironfist to bring peace back to the kingdom of Erathia. So far so high-fantasy. There's also the Trial of Angels to take on, which is a multi-floor arena where the rewards improve and the level of challenge rises the further you get.

As you might expect, there's also a guild system which allows you to meet and team up with fellow adventurers. The world map is said to be pretty huge and overflowing with loot to seek out and enemies to best. Guild Wars is where you might find the steepest challenge around, as it sees you and your buddies facing off against two other guilds to remain on top of the weekly leaderboards.

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All told, it looks like another solid Might & Magic game from Ubisoft. Harry reviewed last year's Might & Magic Elemental Guardians at launch, calling it "a rich and engaging midcore RPG experience that drips with quality from every pore". If Era of Chaos is half as good as that one, then we're surely in for a good time. Find out whether it lives up to expectations yourself by checking it out over on the App Store or Google Play.

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