DokeV is an upcoming creature-collecting open-world MMO from the same folks who are bringing us Black Desert Mobile. The game was originally intended for launch on mobile, however, it has since switched to being a PC and console game first, with a potential mobile release afterwards.

It looks to be a notably different direction for the company. It's bright and incredibly cheerful looking as you can see in the lengthy trailer below. That's not to say Black Desert Mobile is a gloomy-looking game, it just is compared to DokeV but most would be to be fair.

It's also worth noting that the trailer describes the video as 'Actual in-game footage' which if true is incredibly impressive. Of course, as the PC and console versions are coming first so we can expect the mobile port to be less graphically impressive. However, Black Desert Mobile is an incredibly impressive game from a visual standpoint so I expect it would still look great.

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As for the gameplay, pretty much everything is speculation at this early reveal stage. We know it's a creature-collecting MMO and we see a variety of creative looking monsters in the trailer. There's a panda/polar bear hybrid strolling about with boxing gloves, a hedgehog looking beast with a pineapple back instead of spikes and a chap made of different sweets.

The creativity is impressive and it appears that you'll assemble your team of weird creatures and partner up with other players to battle giant bosses. The one seen in the trailer is an amalgamation of various construction materials who can sling traffic cones at you.

We see the protagonist vaccuuming up some kind of sparkly essence that falls from the creature whilst her pals do the attacking, which could be a resource you'll use for getting new creatures or enhancing your existing roster. Your creatures called Dokebi, gain power from people's dreams you see and the protagonist was dreaming about this particular boss before waking up to battle it.

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