Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in his divine wisdom. Bless you, Sakurai-san, for giving us this gift.

Now, usually I would wax lyrical about Terry Bogard and his series Fatal Frame here, but there's so much to talk about with Terry that I'm going to skip it entirely.

Here's what you need to know: like Ryu and Ken, Terry Bogard is a traditional fighting game character, as such, he doesn't play much like the rest of the cast, and even his stage is very different.

Why play Terry?

Okay, so like Ryu and Ken, Terry plays a bit more like a traditional fighting game character. For example, in 1v1 fights, Terry will always turn to stand and face his opponent - which is fantastic when trying to catch your opponent's rolls or movements with a down tilt.

He can also cancel his attack animations into special attacks - again, like Ryu and Ken - but unlike the pair from Street Fighter, Fatal Fury's Terry has a far more varied set of special moves.

Terry is fast, and he has large hitboxes on all of his specials and normals, making it easy to connect with opponents - and canceling animations into special attacks is so simple that you'll probably do it accidentally a few times while trying to adjust to him.

He's just super versatile, and his recovery options are decent, while not incredible. The traditional fighting game characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are absolutely more suited to stamina battles as opposed to Smash's standard ruleset, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be taking Terry online and beating people down, because he's incredibly strong, and makes for a challenging opponent.

Terry definitely feels like the easiest of the "traditional" fighting game cast to pick and play instantly, while also having plenty of nuance and strength to his attacks, which elevates him far above a beginner character. It's absolutely worth playing Terry to discover his strength, and also start understanding how you can fight against him.

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