You've already downloaded Supercell's brand new Rush Wars, and now you want to get better and get five big stars on each and every single stage you fight on. I completely understand I assure you, and that's why we have this guide you're reading.

As of the time of writing, Rush Wars is in soft launch in certain territories around the world, so if you want to get involved you should check out our article on how to play Rush Wars no matter where you are.

Once that's done, it's time to win. There are three bases to destroy in each stage, and it'll be tough to take down them all. One is simple, but all three? Time to get to work.

You'll be using a variety of unique units that work at different ranges and have different abilities, and placing them in the correct places and using the right units will be what carries you to victory. As we shall detail right here…

Everyone's different

Learning how your units work and how best to implement them will literally what acts as the deciding force that wins battles for you.

When you first earn units, feel free to just use and test them. See what their attacks are like, what range they work from, whether their attacks are explosive or more simple bullets, that kind of thing.

Once you understand your units, you'll understand how they will work best when throwing them into battle, and how to place and construct your assault in order to win. We'll give you a couple of hints for that, too.

When you get new units, feel free to just spend a couple of games using them and learning how they operate in certain situations and take your time.

Once you understand how they work, it's time to construct the best possible team, prepared to deal with a great variety of foes that you will have to tackle. That means keep around Pitcher or Bazooka for those nasty defensive units.

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