If, like me, you’ve got about 20 unfinished 50-plus-hour-long RPGs sitting in your gaming backlog, KEMCO’s Archlion Saga might just be the game to get you back into the swing of things. It’s described as a "pocket-sized" RPG that aims to be as accessible and stress-free as possible, and it’s headed to Switch this Thursday, July 18th.

This one started life as a mobile game early last year. Looking at the user reviews, it seems to be fairly well liked, with most praising its easy-going nature. The reviews do a better job of selling it than the game’s store page description which boasts of it being an “adequate experience”.

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The story sees you, the Archlion King, heading out on a globetrotting adventure to stop a world-consuming serpent from, well, consuming the world. You can also expect plenty of "emotion and accomplishment", which sounds nice.

The game seems pretty sure that you won’t be needing any walkthroughs, as it offers its own guide to stop you from getting lost. Upgrading your arsenal and levelling up is also said to be super easy. The whole thing only lasts a few hours, and the idea is that you’ll get a full RPG experience without having to put your life on hold for several months.

As I said, it’s probably best for those new to the genre, or RPG fans who now struggle to justify putting dozens of hours into a single game (if that’s you, I feel your pain).

Archlion Saga will be coming to Switch this Thursday, July 18th. It’s priced at £4.49, though there’s currently a pre-order offer on which takes it down to £3.14. You can also find it available for download over on the App Store and Google Play.

I like the idea of a stress-free RPG for on-the-go play, and I missed it when it first came to mobile, so I’m looking forward to checking this one out later in the week.

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