The New Hay Day Valley update adds season based challenges, task system and token shop.

The 'best farming game' title on mobile phones is one that has been heavily contested over the years. Most of us are pretty comfortable in the point of origin for that specific subgenre, Farmville. However, to say that 2012's Hay Day hasn't made a massive impact on the scene would be a lie. Other competitors have moved away from the farmstead, adding in towns and other areas to manage, while Hay Day has doubled down on the farming theme. Despite the game being seven years old it is still doing exceptionally well, and that's been managed through constant updates and balancing.

The most recent Hay Day update is the Valley update, which adds in new ways to earn money - since it went live we've had people crawling all over the site looking for anything to do with the game, so we're going to give a little recap and 'what we know' on the massive update.

The heart of the Hay Day update comes through the Valley Board

The valley board is a new addition to your farmstead, it'll show a poster on it when there is a 'season' in play. If there's no poster there then there simply isn't a season running at the moment, although there doesn't appear to be much of a break between seasons, so you won't have to wait for long.

The new valley board is about tactical decisions

Each season has its own map, and each map is full of nodes and stops for you to move between. You drive your truck around using fuel, but there's dozens of other players (friends and strangers alike) moving around the same map as you. Stop off at a location and you might be able to fulfill a job with your farm's output, maybe you'll need to work with other players, maybe you just have to complete a delivery.

Regardless of how you move around, you'll collect gem tokens and chickens which can be used in the Season store to buy special, limited items.

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There are ways to restore fuel outside of waiting

You get free spin on the Fuel Generator wheel wheel every 24 hours. The wheel can restore from 1 to 9 units of fuel to your truck. However, it is just a single spin and that's once a day. There are a few ways to gain more spins however, namely Sun Activities.

You're given three daily sun activities which you can complete as many times as you wish. These also change over daily (and you can even take a sneak peek at the next day's challenges and prepare), however as I said you can complete the multiple times. Example ones include planting 25 sheaves of wheat, or completing a delivery. If you plant 100 tiles of wheat then that's 4 sun points toward your next spin.

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Hitting the road reaps rewards

When you complete these new tasks you receive red, green and blue tokens. These can be used in the Valley Shop. The shop has two sections. The first is the standard section, where you can buy puzzle pieces, boosters and expansion materials. Each item is only available for purchase once in this section, until the store restocks.

It's important to not horde these tokens, there's a cap in place and you'll simply miss out on the ones you can't bank. You'll also lose any tokens between seasons.

The other section is the 'exclusive section'. This contains a special, seasonal decoration, diamonds and a pack of 5-star boosters. These can only be bought at the end of the season, but you must collect enough chickens while out working on the road, in order to do so.

The update focuses on the daily cycle

In addition to all of the valley focuses there are also daily quests added in this Hay Day Update, these range from collecting items, completing orders and visiting certain buildings. Completing these will give you mystery boxes — you'll have to play the game to find out what is inside.

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