Pokémon Rumble Rush has just been released, though not all over the world quite yet. But to get prepared, read through this guide which tells you the essential things you need to know.

Want to play the game? Want to know how it works? We've got all the details and more in this guide, and before you finish reading, you'll know whether or not you want to get downloading.

We're big fans of Pokémon here at Pocket Gamer, but will Pokémon Rumble Rush be everything we want from Pokémon on mobile? Well, read on for the initial report…

What game is this?

Pokemon Rumble Rush

Pokémon Rumble actually has a legacy going back ten years, and Pokémon Rumble Rush is the fifth entry in the series, and the second free to play title.

Pokémon Rumble Rush retains the cute, polygonal Pokémon designs, and fun, yet incredibly simple battle mechanics. At least in Pokémon Rumble Rush, it feels like there are a lot more reasons to keep playing.

This is of course a free to play mobile title, so they've designed the game to take a long time to finish, and that works in the favour of a game this quick and simple. Stages take anywhere from under a minute to two, which is the perfect length if you just want to waste a tiny bit of time, but not get roped into a five minutes multiplayer experience.

You lose nothing from dropping out of a game either, which is nice.

You'll primarily be collecting new Pokémon, and fighting your way through dozens of stages, and dozens of Pokémon.

Pokémon Rumble Rush works because it can played it tiny chunks, yet still gives fans that motivation to catch 'em all, just like in Pokémon Go. Also like Pokémon Go, there's plenty of room for expansion and more content.

As of writing, the game is only available in Australia, but Android users could always find an APK online if they're feeling brave, while iOS users could use an Australian iOS account to get it downloaded.