Pokémon Rumble Rush cheats, tips - Building CP and FAST

Pokémon Rumble Rush cheats, tips - Building CP and FAST

Get the strongest Pokémon as early as possible

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Pokémon Rumble Rush is out on Android and iOS, and much like many of the recent Pokémon games, it uses CP to determine a Pokémon's strength. Nice and easy to understand, at least.

You will need CP not just to get powerful Pokémon, but to actually progress through the game at all. There are several CP walls you'll need to achieve in order to progress.

Whether you want the strongest CP in the game, or just enough to get through your next Super Boss, we have the information you need right here…

What's so important about CP?

Pokemon Rumble Rush

CP in Pokémon Rumble Rush is your base combat power. It determines how strong your Pokémon is, and how likely it is to actually complete a stage.

In short, the higher a CP, the better. Your Pokémon with high CP will do more damage and clear through stages much more quickly, so you should aim to use high CP Pokémon at all times, and don't cast away powerful CP creatures.

CP is necessary to progress, not just because of the powerful Pokémon you go against, but also because of Super Bosses.

Super Bosses are powerful Pokémon you must defeat, and not only do you have to be powerful, but Super Bosses won't even face you until you have at least one Pokémon of a powerful enough CP level.

This means you have to do everything you can to increase the average CP of your Pokémon, even if this requires you going through and catching many, many new Pokémon.

If you just need a small CP boost to face a single Super Boss, we have advice for that too, if you keep on reading.

CP is essential for progressing, but all Pokémon can be taken down without powerful CP, if you have the right strategy.

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New Pokémon

As you increase your CP and progress through the game, you'll open up new areas to explore, new Pokémon, and of course, more powerful Pokémon.

As your average CP increases, you will find stronger and stronger wild Pokémon, which will likely overtake whatever your current most powerful mon is.

Catching them all is essential to getting stronger, so don't skip even the weakest of creatures.


Gears are yet another great way to increase your CP. If you just need a tiny boost in order to face that Super Boss, this is the best way.

Equip a gear to the Pokémon relating to their type, and they'll get a nice CP boost.

If you need even more of a CP boost, upgrade the gear and see their CP rise. This is great when you just need a tiny bit more CP to progress.


Ores are frustrating, but are also pretty important. New gears, in addition the materials needed to upgrade gears, are found by refining ore.

Ore takes a while to refine if you don't use tickets - which you should avoid, if you can.

Just make sure to refine short term ore during the day, and when you go to bed at night, load up a ten hour ore. Keep a variety in stock and work with them all.

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