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This time round we're taking things down a notch - rather than an action game, we've got a wonderful adventure game for you to try out - The Detail. Slow-paced games work just as well as fast-paced ones on touchscreen devices, and this one is as thought-provoking as they come.

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The Detail

This is a game about solving crimes - we're talking rain-soaked streets, long trench coats, and plenty of clues to discover. If the puzzles in traditional adventure games have put you off, then don't worry too much - there's a more natural logic to proceedings here that a lot of people are going to enjoy.

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You play as multiple characters throughout the different episodes, unravelling more of the gripping tale with each second you play. You'll get to know and love the people in The Detail, despite their flaws, and that makes for a gripping narrative.

When we reviewed The Detail we called it "a dark and grimy adventure with some real tension," adding that it "might not have any tricky puzzles, but its story will pull you through" and giving it a Silver Award. You can click here to read our The Detail review in its entirety.

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