VideoKid is essentially Paperboy for the modern age, just as Crossy Road is an evolution of Frogger.

Here you'll be skating down the street as VideoKid, flicking video tapes into the mailboxes and windows of everyone in the street.

VideoKid is a bit of a menace, honestly, destroying windows and ruining lives, but he can be a force for good too, as you flick a VHS into some guy's face for harassing a woman. Thank you for respecting women and fighting the good fight, VideoKid.

What we have for you in this guide is a full list of everything available in the shop in VideoKid. That includes new characters, new tricks, and some other miscellaneous, and shockingly reasonably priced, items.

VideoKid isn't mean when it comes to microtransactions, which gives me a lot of hope for it's future, though it's clear that it will receive many more characters, and keeping up with them all is where the real challenge is.

For now, focus on earning the coin necessary to invest in the items in the shop. You can easily earn plenty of cash from playing through levels as long as you get tapes in mailboxes and collect coins. Survival is a bit harder, mind.

Our own Cameron Bald reviewed VideoKid, saying; "It's ultimately a fairly safe game that goes the route of adding a few bells and whistles to a classic whose simplicity was always part of its appeal. Whether you find those bells and whistles to be worthwhile additions will depend wholly on your enjoyment of that era and tolerance for deliberately excessive references."

Now that you know what to expect from VideoKid, read on below for everything you need to know about the shop, what to buy, and why they're important. Just keeping collecting coins, and it won't be long until you have absolutely everything.