If you’re a big fan of point-and-click adventures, then we have some great news for you. Legacy 3 – The Hidden Relic is out now fresh from winning the Big Indie Pitch competition which was held at Sweden Game Arena 2018. If you need more reasons to play it then here are five excellent ones.

A Genuine Brain Teaser

This is not a game that wants to hold your hand. The only assistance you’re going to get in game is to be told the controls. That’s it. After that, you have to find your own way through the mysterious world and the tricky puzzles. The puzzle itself may well be obvious, but the solution rarely is. Any success comes from you alone, so be prepared to flex your grey matter.

Cohesive World and Story

Legacy is aptly named as it follows Harley, an archaeologist from London who receives a letter form his mentor. He then has to travel to Egypt in order to uncover the secrets that lie within and try and find his mentor. There are subtle clues throughout the world about what is going on and it is your job to put them all together.

A Long Walk on a Long Pier

This is no quick and easy mobile experience. Legacy 3 – The Hidden Relic is a long game. Over the course of several hours you’ll have to think your way through over twenty-five rooms. Each room has its own way of testing you and forcing you to keep up. While you can definitely just drop in and play for a little bit, this is a game that will last you months if you do so.

Beautiful Graphics and Music

This is certainly not a game only a mother could love. With beautifully rendered graphics and wonderful soundtrack you’ll be hard pressed not to get lost here. As you progress through the world and things change, you’ll go through a range of feelings. The one that will remain constant though is awe. It really is quite a thing to behold.

The Satisfaction

All of this leads to the most important point: the satisfaction of playing the game. With the combination of intrigue, a wonderful world to wander within, and the challenging gameplay, Legacy 3 is a satisfying experience to play. After bashing your head against a puzzle for a while, that moment when everything clicks into place is euphoric.

If this sounds like your type of fun, be sure to download Legacy 3 – The Hidden Relic from Google Play and the App store now.