The hugely creative Steampunk Idle Spinner for iOS and Android, a winner at The Big Indie Pitch 2018 in Prague, has recently received a sizeable new update that makes the game even bigger and better. And so, with two new madcap worlds to explore and master, now’s the perfect time to hop back in.

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In order to access the new worlds, all you need to do is pop into the workshop and build yourself a portal. This particular machine produces an important resource known as Narrativium, and you’ll be needing a lot of it.

Once you’ve saved up enough (1M for world 2, 1B for world 3), it’s time to head on over to the all-new Clockwork City and Floating Islands – both of which feature their own unique machines and refreshing building processes. 
Clockwork City, inspired by the now iconic Game of Thrones intro, revolves around a mechanical sun and various unfolding building-types. You’ll be relying on that fancy sun as your main source of energy, but, before you can reap its benefits, you’ll need to transfer the energy through a chain of connected buildings.

Floating Islands, perhaps unsurprisingly, sees you starting out on a floating island. The island is sparsely populated with a bank, a wheel, and a treasure chest. Spinning the wheel causes the bank to start producing some all-important coins. And, once you’ve got everything up and running, it’s wise to head on out in search of other flying islands that house even more resources and rewards.

Steampunk Idle Spinner is a smart, creative, and pretty idle game that’s a perfect fit for any budding inventors out there. Oh, and it’s available now for free over on the App Store and Google Play.