Most white cats living with supervillains are more of the lap-cat variety - lazing around, getting stroked a lot, and basically living the high life until the hero comes in and shoots the place up.

Not so in White Paw. This clever little puzzler has you actually playing as the white cat itself, solving puzzles and uncovering a deep, weird story as you go.

You can't actually move the cat yourself. Instead, you're given a deck of movement paths to choose from, which will send your cat along a set track in the game. Think Golf Peaks but, like, with a cat.

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It starts out easy enough as you get to grips with turning corners and moving the camera around to get a better view of your surroundings, but before long you'll need to avoid deadly lasers, use conveyor belts to your advantage, and start making use of some extra abilities the devs are keeping a secret for now.

It looks stunning - the environments all feel totally different from one another, and the lighting and atmosphere is surprisingly great for what is essentially a pretty simple puzzle game.

And it plays really well too. The movement deck mechanic has been done before, but it still feels fresh and interesting when used here, and there are a bunch of new ideas to help set it apart from other games.

The team behind it say it'll take about three hours to finish, which feels like plenty of time to get a handle on the mechanics and still provide enough fresh ideas to keep it interesting in the given timeframe.

There's no set release date yet - hopefully sometime midway through the year, if all goes to plan - but we do know that this'll be a premium experience costing around $4.99/£4.99. We'll be sure to keep you updated as it comes together.