This is the Police is a very exciting proposition indeed. A full-fledged PC and console title adjusted slightly for mobile screens, it's a gorgeously minimalist look at the dirty side of being a police officer.

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Mark Ehlke

I had a chance to spend several hours with this game. Graphically, the game is barebones but has a nice style and is well-presented. The sound design and music are also solid, though not spectacular.

It's a police force logistics simulator where you play as a retiring police chief tasked with running the department as best you can. You send officers to deal with cases, only knowing part of the details of what's happening at the scene, just like in real life.

This is a game of difficult decisions from the get-go. You don't have enough police officers to effectively answer every call, but if you send too few officers you risk all of them getting killed. For example, on the third day of the game I had three quality officers killed in one call, putting me even further behind.

You need to balance keeping the city safe with building up money for your retirement by both legal and illegal means. You need to make morally gray decisions in order to keep people as happy as possible, but each decision also has short term consequences that could end up becoming a problem in the long term. Choices that make you more money could make the city lose faith in your officers, for example, so balance is key.

Takeaway: the game is super interesting, but even as a fan of strategy games it feels a little too punishing for my tastes. However, if you're looking for a crunchy game of intrigue and interesting decisions with an unusual theme, this is well worth checking out.