It's the end of the year, and what a year it's been. 2018 has been a nightmare in a string of nightmares, and frankly the faster we can wake up from it all, the better.

Oh, mobile games, right. Mobile gaming in 2018 has been absolutely fantastic! From the likes of New Star Manager and Motorsport Manager 3 Mobile through to Evergarden and Asphalt 9: Legends, there's been an endless stream of great titles covering every genre imaginable.

But enough about them. Liking the "good" games just isn't the Ric Cowley way, and while I try to keep my idiotic taste in games in check when being the Editor of Pocket Gamer, this time of year is the only opportunity I get to bust out some weird-ass titles that no one else remembers from the past 12 months and go, "OI! LOOK! THIS WERE BLOOMIN' MARVELLOUS" before I get carted off back to my corner and told to stop letting my Northern accent slip into my writing.

So, my aim in my top 5 games list isn't necessarily to highlight the "best" games of the year. These are the games that have made some kind of impact on me - whether that's making me smile, cry, or whatever emotions people usually feel. These are the games that stuck with me through the year, nestled somewhere in the back of my head, that I think everyone else should play.

Grab yourself a warm beverage (I'll have a hot chocolate, thanks), pray that I've nearly finished this intro, and let's dive into the five games of 2018 that I think you should go off and play right this second. After you've finished reading my article on them, of course. Don't just click off now, that'd be incredibly rude and I'd be really sad.