Following up on a successful celebration of bespectacled characters through the ages, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is gearing up for its second event, this time dedicated to Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem Fest Part 1 begins on December 21, and characters from Nintendo’s iconic strategy RPG series will be appearing at greater frequency on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit board. If you’re successful in defeating these spirits, you’ll earn extra SP. You’ll find the following particularly special spirits (regular spirits will appear more frequently) at the following times (UK time):

Azura: 12:00 am/12:00 pm
Caeda: 6:00 am/6:00 pm
Eirika: 9:00 am/9:00 pm
Eliwood: 3:00 am/3:00 pm

The fest is scheduled to run until December 24, with a second part, featuring new spirits, to follow sometime in the future.