Yes, today is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release day, but as if that wasn't exciting enough it was announced yesterday that one of the characters from the game's first DLC will be Joker from Persona 5.

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If the idea of DLC characters is a new one to you, you probably missed our liveblog of Ninty's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct a month or so back. Besides learning about Spirits, new amiibos, and the remaining fighters, we were told that there'd be even more characters coming to the game throughout the year.

These will be in packs of five, though there's no release date for the first one dropping just yet. However, the idea that Joker's joining the fray is incredibly exciting, as you'll see from the trailer above.

Until then, and if you're still on the fence about whether to go for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or not, check out our review of the game where it earned a coveted Platinum Award.