Welcome to our round-up of the best and most interesting portable gaming gear on the market.

We're all about the games here on PG. But you can't enjoy those games without hardware.

We already supply regular recommendations on the best gaming smartphones at various budget, and you can expect us to review any new handheld consoles that hit the market, too

This feature is all about those accessories and gadgets that enhance your portable gaming experience. The cases, controllers, screen protectors, stands, styluses, and the like.

If you're after a cool new accessory for your iOS or Android device, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, or even Vita, watch this space for some ideas.

Smart Keyboard Folio for 11-inch iPad

Apple releases two new iPad Pro models in November, and boy do they look good. They've got a beautiful new bezel-reduced design, four stereo speakers, any-way-up Face ID, and the kind of power that puts most laptops to shame.

Indeed, if you add Apple's official Smart Keyboard Folio case, you've essentially got yourself a punchy little laptop that can slip into the side pouch of a modestly sized bag.

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8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Receiver Adapter for Nintendo Switch

One of the most useful accessories you can buy for your Switch is a Pro Controller. It enhances the docked experience no end, and helps out a lot for local co-up.

The only trouble is, Pro Controller's are very expensive. This handy little dongle helps solve everything, by letting you pair up an existing PS3 or PS4 remote. Playing Mario with a PlayStation remote? Sacrilege! And slightly cool.

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Ugreen Ethernet Adapter

With Nintendo's long-awaited online service having finally launched, it's probably worth highlighting this little gizmo again. It enables you to connect your Switch up to your broadband hub directly, rather than wirelessly.

Why would you want to do such a thing? It makes for a much quicker, less laggy, more reliable connection for competitive games like Splatoon 2 and ARMS. Now that you're paying for the privilege of playing these games online, you should really demand an optimal experience.

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MyMe Unity System

MyMe makes these case/stand hybrids for a range of phones, both iOS and Android. They're not the prettiest things around, but they offer an interesting dual purpose.

On the one hand, they're protective cases that will keep your phone free of nicks and scrapes. On the other, they have an intuitive magnetised stand element that will suspend your phone in landscape mode with minimal fuss. Add your own wireless controller to the mix, and you can imagine the gaming potential.

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Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip

We've already made reference to the fact that the Switch's default Joy-Cons aren't particularly comfortable to game with for a protracted spell, but that's especially so in handheld mode.

This Kickstartered gaming grip might look a bit ugly, but they look to make the Switch far more ergonomic in handheld mode. In particular, we like how the right prong sticks out at and angle, giving you a more natural path to the right stick.

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