Develop:Brighton 2018 is almost a distant memory these days, but we still remember the games we played at the Big Indie Pitch held during the event vividly.

In particular, we remember overall winner Skybolt Zack, a magnificent display of rhythm-violence which has you wrecking robots and keeping your own beat to rack up huge points and unlock new areas. Think Sonic the Hedgehog crossed with Rock Band and you're halfway there.

But it's not just rhythm-action games - second place went to Oco, a gorgeous, simple one-touch puzzle-platformer with a brilliantly deep level editor, while VR puzzler PaperLander scored third place.

Overall we saw 14 games at the event, and if you hit the link below you can find out about every single one of them and see what they're like for yourself. And we suggest you do! Get clicking!