Welcome to feature highlighting some of the best and most interesting portable gaming gear on the market. Each month we highlight five accessories that have caught our attention.

We're all about the games here on PG, but in order to play those games you need to splash the cash on hardware. That's why we bring you regular recommendations on the best gaming smartphones at various budget.

We'll always review any new handheld consoles as they appear, too.

But what about the other portion of the portable gaming hardware business? Those accessories and gadgets that enhance your experience? We're talking about the cases, controllers, screen protectors, stands, styluses, and the like.

That's what this piece is all about. If you're after a cool new accessory for your iOS or Android device, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, or even Vita, watch this space for some ideas.

Samsung Select 128GB Evo Micro SD Card

Nintendo's 2018 games roster isn't great, but a spate of indie gems means that the Switch remains a must-have. Unfortunately, all those games take up space on the console's limited hard drive.

This microSD card from Samsung is huge, offering 128GB of storage. It's also fast, reliable, and costs as much as a single Switch game. If you're constantly deleting stuff from your Switch, consider buying one.

Buy from Amazon Gamevice Controller Gamepad for iPhone

Last month we featured a Gamevice controller for iPad, and suggested that it could turn that dusty old iPad Mini into a Switch-like gaming device.

Well, you don't need an old iPad Mini to benefit from the company's solid work. Gamevice also provides a similar physical controller set-up for iPhone - and it works with all of the latest (non-Plus) models.

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Orzly Joy-Con Grips

One of the Switch's coolest features is the ability to play local two player games out of the box by splitting up the two Joy-Con components. But they're a literal pain to wield for any protracted length of time.

These Joy-Con Grips make for a far more natural holding position, making those marathon Mario Kart 8 sessions far more pleasant.

Buy from Amazon Tryone Gooseneck Switch/tablet Stand

Anyone who's sat on the couch with a Switch for a few hours while a family member or housemate uses the TV will know all about the pain it can induce. The weight of the console and the posture it forces you to take can lead to serious crickage.

This simple, flexible stand can eliminate that, holding the main Switch right in front of your face while you use the Joy-Cons (or better yet, a Pro Controller) to play.

Buy from Amazon Avantree Bluetooth USB audio adaptor

If you want to use your wireless Bluetooth headphones with your Switch while it's docked, you'll need to plug a Bluetooth adaptor into one of the console's USB ports. Choose any old adapter, however, and you're asking for problems with lag and compatibility.

We'd recommend opting for this effort from Avantree, which is proven to be reliable and fast.

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