It's indie month here on Pocket Gamer. Over the next 30 days or so we'll be celebrating all things small scale and carefully crafted in the world of portable gaming.

Earlier this week we ran through some of the bone fide indie classics that you can play on your iOS and (in some cases) Android smartphone. But what about the ones that you can't?

There are some indie hits that we continue to pine for on mobile. In many cases we kind of know why they haven't made the switch. Sometimes it's down to priorities - indie developers are generally pretty stretched as it is. At other times it's down to doubts over whether mobile would be a good fit for the game.

We're not here to make judgements on such things. The following piece merely highlights some of the brilliant indie games that you can't (yet) play on mobile, and which we'd rather like to see.

Which indie game classics would you like to see on mobile? Let us know in the comments below.