Tencent may be best known for having a stake in basically every major game developer in the world, but the behemoth is taking a chance on an indie game with this week's Nishan Shaman.

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Developed by six university graduates over the course of five months, Nishan Shaman takes you on an adventure through different mythical realms entirely made out of paper, kinda similar to Tearaway.

The game is based on a real Chinese tribal folk tale. You play as Nishan, a woman who has to save the sole of a young boy from the underworld.

It's a side-scrolling rhythm game which has you tap a shaman drum along to the music, so you can defend yourself from enemies that would prevent you from saving the boy.

The game's visuals are gorgeous and have a real sense of style that is rooted in the tradition of Chinese papercutting art. Let's hope the gameplay will be just as good as the visuals.

It's rare but quite heartwarming to see that a massive company like Tencent is willing to give a group of graduates a shot at making a game, and with such pedigree backing it, the game's bound to be pretty decent too.

You can download Nishan Shaman for free on the App Store on the 19th and it's already available for pre-order right now